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Holagro Europe

Quality Products

Holagro Europe supplies great quality products and F&B with a pledge to great service.

Firm Commitment

We are focused on giving quality items, competitive costs, and best services consistently


Our location is ideal for logistic supplies all around Europe. Our current inventory keeps expanding at a steady pace.

Timely Deliveries

Holagro Europe has outstanding methods set up to encourage the effective development of item to the end client.

Holagro provides access to a great range of products from diverse origins, closing reliable deals, backed by our knowledge and experience and we always go that extra mile for our clients. We provide constant information about markets, alternative suppliers, and origins, their reliability, Quality, and prices; permanent advice on import/export processes.


We’ve worked hard to become a leading player in the global value chains of each of our commodities. We’ve achieved recognition and success in our industry


Holagro Europe growth has proven successful in the past and continues to differentiate us as an industry innovator. Our approach is distinguished by our ability to expand.


Our choice of location provides us with ideal proximity to both suppliers and buyers, allowing us to keep an ear to the ground when it comes to shifting trends and changing patterns.


This is also referred to as pre-shipment inspection, where the HolAgro inspectors place themselves in the shoes of the consumers to see if the products meet general expectations.


Holagro Europe is reliable, consistent, feasible, and valid at the same time. That’s what makes us one of the most leading commodities firms of our current region.

Holagro Europe

We connect our clients with a large variety of products around the globe to meet their requirements. From commodities, packed foods and beverages to private labels, we tick all the boxes.

BAAZI – The king of all rice, putting smiles over faces all around the world.

Baazi Premium Basmati Rice
  • Serve Excellence with “BAAZI PREMIUM BASMATI RICE”
  • GMO (genetically modified Organism) Free
  • Natural mesmerising aroma
  • Naturally aged to perfection
  • Known for its extraordinaire aroma and subtle nutty flavor
  • Inspections and quality control checks
  • Right from the place known as the “Rice bowl of Pakistan”
  • Doubles in length upon cooking.

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